Vivid Arkanoid

Vivid Arkanoid 1.0

Remove garbage from the outer space!
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This game is a good version of arcade. In vivid arcanoide the main objective is to move a jet skate in direction to smash your bubble into space and clean garbage for the save of mankind.
Options allows you to choose full screen, music, sounds, web page, and other games.
All you need in order to play and move your jet skate is to move your mouse right and left, and press the left button to action, or you can use your keyboard using arrow keys to move left and right, space bar to action and escape to quit.
In this game you will find different ways to increase your bonus, 1 life added or time added, but be careful, the same way you can loose bonus, like 1 life less. You will fin some monsters that you must fight, killing 3 different type of enemies you can increase 50,75, or 100 score points. Every time you clear your screen of garbage you will reach new levels. Each level brings more action, time will reduce, you ball will be armored, your skate size will increase, your speed will increase or decrease and you will be playing with 2 or even 3 balls. Vivid Arcanoid is a nice action game.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Fun and fast entertainment


  • Game and action are very basic
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